Monday, March 9, 2009

Vegetarian Wonders

I know Jacoby has already posted today, but I just felt like showing off some more cool food pics. I realized I hadn't downloaded from my camera in a while and I remembered wanting to post these. So here they are.
A mutant strawberry! It's like a kind of siamese twins thing, two or three of them melded together. Crazy! And in my hand it looks like a butterfly, right?
I love strawberries. They're one of my favorite fruits. This one was really tasty. Of course, I find that I often regret eating a funny food, like that HUGE zucchini, remember? I mean, if I've taken the time to take a picture of it and laugh and marvel at it, I feel a little guilty about... killing it? But it's still food, right?

Speaking of zucchini, these next pictures are really cool.
These might look like ordinary lasagna and spaghetti, right? Wrong! It's raw zucchini! The lasagna we had on Friday. Annette and I made it ourselves. All you do is peel strips of zucchini and make it part of your regular recipe instead of the pasta strips. Sauce, cheese, the works. It tastes just the same! It might be messy, because the zucchini strips would be thin, but it's still delicious. The best part about this dish? You don't have to bake it like normal lasagna! You put it in the fridge until you're ready to eat. No, not until you're ready to be eaten, silly! The zucchini! (Sorry, bad joke.)

Same with the spaghetti, which we had today. Again, Annette's and my recipe. After you peel the zucchini, you slice them as thin as you can. Voila! Throw on the sauce, sprinkle cheese, have garlic bread, add meatballs, whatever you like having with your pasta. Trust me, you've gotta try it! You won't taste the difference. Who needs packaged pasta from the shelf? One regular sized zucchini will equal one good serving of veggie spaghetti.

You know what I call this? Using your vegetarian noodle! Get it?

Meeting James again

So, this is James Dashner and Jacoby Nielsen! ^.^ it was much fun!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pizza Day

Guess what? First Tuesday of the month today. That means that my dad, sister and I got to make our homemade pizza. We used to make it every Tuesday, but for the new year we took it down to once a month. But that makes it a lot more special to have.
Don't that look good? My father makes the dough from scratch (and not just buying the dough in a baggy from the store either. I'm talking right from the beginning, with making the yeast rise and the kneading and stuff), and my twin Annette and I put the toppings on.

Personally, I think Jacoby likes the look of our pizza. He wishes he could have a slice. But he lives in Utah, and I'm all the way down in Florida. So, unfortunately, he can't. More for me, then! Nyeh! (wipe off the drool there, buddy ^,~)

Sorry that neither of us have posted here in a while. But I know that Jacoby is most likely busy with his huge, mysterioso, 100 clues project. (Check his regular blog to get in on it.) So anyway, I don't put a lot of pictures up here since I don't have the best camera in the world and I don't take many pictures of familiar things. Familiar to me, anyway.

I just want to close with a pizza joke. It's only slightly long, but it's pretty funny. My Uncle Danny told it to me when my family and I went to Israel.
So it's lunchtime at this school, and the cafeteria lady says, "Okay kids, it's Monday and today we're having pizza." And the kids get all excited and start pounding on the table, chanting "PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA!" And they get their pizza.
The next day the cafeteria lady announces, "Alright, today is Tuesday kids. Guess what we're having? Pizza." The children shout and bang on the tables again, just the same as Monday. "PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA!"
Wednesday the lady says, "We're having pizza today, boys and girls." And they chant "Pizza, pizza, pizza." Not so loud, but they're still excited.
The following day the cafeteria lady tells the children, "Well children, today is Thursday, so guess what we're having...? Pizza!" And the kids are no longer shouting, but they still chant, "P-i-z-z-a, p-i-z-z-a, p-i-z-z-a."
Friday the cafeteria lady makes an announcement. "Now, my dears, I hope you enjoy your lunch today. We've got... Pizza!" By now the children's chants sound long and drawn out.
"P--i--z--z--a, p--i--z--z--a, p--i--z--z--a."
And of course on Saturday and Sunday, the kids get the weekend off. But then it's Monday again and the kids walk in for lunch and there's the lunch lady. She says, "Okay kids, it's Monday and today we're having pizza." And all the kids in the room go...
What do you think? In my opinion it's a lot better when it's told out loud than reading it. You need comedic timing, you know. You have to use an increasingly slower voice as the kids get more tired of pizza, and then an excited voice when they get pizza again. That's the funny part.
Okay. That's all I'm saying now.

*Edit* I think you should change the background around now, Jacoby. Just my opinion. Also, I don't want to be the only one posting in my book club. I'm only saying.