Thursday, April 9, 2009

I hurt myself.

I was riding my waveboard today, at one of my favorite parks, Peacemound. It's a fun place with lots of hills and a couple bridges. Bunch of squirrels and ducks too. But the hills are the best part, so Annette and I were dropped off at Peacemound to "rip" for awhile, and then we'd ride home. However, the paths are a little bumpy. They're mostly made of asphalt, not cement like sidewalks.

I don't have much idea of what happened. We were going down a bit of a steep hill, I saw some other people ahead. I noticed that Annette had jumped off her Ripstick because it had been too bumpy for her, but the board was in the middle of the path. I planned on jumping off to safety, but I was going too fast.

One moment I was on my board, the next I had skidded to the ground, my left hand stinging. Annette was immediately at my side. I really hurt, but I didn't feel the need to cry, so it mustn't have been that bad. Still, I was all, "It burns! It burns!" Lifting my left hand to see the damage, (my right hand was unharmed) I saw it had been scratched. I instinctively went to the lake nearby to "put out the fire" in my palm. Later I also discovered a big boo-boo near my elbow. Not pretty.

After I felt like I'd recovered myself, we got back to boarding. Just like my last Ripstick accident, I wasn't too worse for the wear. But I was a lot more careful. Luckily, I didn't get traumatized by the hill I went down. Maybe because I know it better than that ramp I tripped off of before.

They might be ugly, but here is what my scrapes look like. I want to post them here so that when I heal, I'll remember what they looked like before.

Why do I have to be the one to fall off of my board?! I hate drawing blood even more than I hate getting sick. I don't remember the last time I had to give myself some bandages. Well, I'm sure I'll heal soon enough.