Monday, May 18, 2009

Rick Riordan and Pendragon 10!!!

Man, what a day I had yesterday. So awesome! It turned out so much better than I had a right to think it would. (Check out my posts on my other blogs later.) I went to Borders bookstore and caught lots of pics and vids of the bestselling Rick Riordan.
 (These are actually pictures that I took. I practically stood the whole time next to his table as he signed all the kids books and answered their many questions. ^,^)

When he was finally all done with everyone, I was right there to say, "Mr. Riordan, will you please sign this?" And he did! Right then and there he grabbed my scrap of paper and autographed it for me!
Do you see it?! That's his loopy signature. ^_^ It's cool, because all he has to sign is an "Ri" and then a "Rio" and you can tell that it's Rick Riordan. I'm so glad I was able to catch him! It's too bad though... I'd also wanted to get a picture with Rick, but he said sorry, he was too busy and had to get to his next event right away. Oh well. I'm pretty content with having gotten his autograph.

So after leaving Borders, my sister and I walked all the way to Books-A-Million, where I spontaneously decided to buy Pendragon #10!!!
Cool, huh? I think it's uber-cool!!! That's my book on my table! And that's how thick the book is. I'm sooo going to enjoy it. ^,^ (Of course, I've got a load of other books to read first, so I can wait. At least I own it now and I don't have to wait until it comes out in the library! Hee hee.) Here's the link to my book blog, where I rave all about Pendragon.

And here are some beautiful pictures I took on the golf course we walked along on our way home. (Full story is on my blog.)


J.N. Future Author said...

thats way cool Bettina! ^.^ It sounds like he is a cool person!

good luck on book 10!!!!!!!!!! I want to read it so badly!!!!

Brian said...

Lucky! I wish I'd gotten to the signing here in seattle. I missed it by a few days. I'd completely forgotten about it

Q said...

Love the rainbow one.

When RR came to my town, I was shocked. I went to the signing, of course, but I was so surprised that he was even coming. That was a good day.